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5 Amazing new car features for 2018

9th February 2018

5 Amazing new car features for 2018

We recently took a look at electric vehicles and the benefits they can offer, but impressive technology isn't exclusive to these models in 2018. From new safety features to entertainment, wellbeing and convenience functions, here we describe some of the advanced new car features that will be available this year.

Advanced cruise control

With fully self-driving cars on the horizon but still a few years away, you can still buy a variety of cars in 2018 which can keep themselves on the road (motorway) with no input from the driver. A number of manufacturers have developed their cruise control systems to not only adapt to the speed of the vehicles ahead with lane-monitoring and auto-braking, but now include self-steering and advanced scanning of the road conditions.

To ensure the driver is paying attention, the car monitors the driver's head position via a camera and will use audible and visual warnings if the driver appears to have their focus on anything other than the road. If continued warnings have no effect, the car can even bring itself to a controlled stop and alert a suitable contact automatically.

Collision avoidance

Another step towards completely autonomous cars, several models in 2018 have systems that can automatically steer to avoid a hazard if systems identify that a collision would otherwise occur. These systems generally only operate at low speeds currently, but include pedestrian avoidance and monitoring/avoidance of other nearby obstacles/vehicles.

Looking after the driver

Luxury cars have always offered the most features but this year some even offer 'wellness' systems to ensure that the driver is cared for like never before. The car can assess the driver and automatically adjust the climate control, heated seats (and arm rests!), cooling and massaging functions, as well as ambient lighting and audio programming to maximise the driver's freshness, vitality, comfort etc.

Replacing the manual

Augmented reality allows information and graphics to be merged with real-life objects when viewing the world via a smartphone or tablet. Car manufacturers are starting to take advantage of this technology to replace the traditional car manual. Instead you can point your phone or tablet at parts of your car; the interior, exterior or under the bonnet, and how-to videos or 3D overlaid images will guide you through the function or maintenance of whatever you're looking at.

Keeping the peace

Many high-performance cars have an impressive noise when starting up or accelerating which the owner is likely to love, but may not be so appreciated by neighbours. To help avoid this disturbance, some cars now offer a 'quiet mode' which can reduce exhaust noise to a whisper when activated. Once on the open road, a normal or sport mode will bring back the engine's full sound.

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