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Breakdown Prevention: Quick Checks For Your Car

13th April 2018

Breakdown Prevention: Quick Checks For Your Car

Whether or not you have breakdown cover, breaking down is inconvenient at best and expensive at worst. Yet most causes of breakdown are avoidable with simple care and maintenance for your vehicle. If you want to avoid the inconvenience and embarrassment of having to be rescued on the roadside, read on for our top tips on breakdown prevention.

  1. Oil – check your oil regularly and especially before embarking on a long journey. If you notice your oil regularly needs topping up, take it in to your local garage to get checked out.
  2. Water – just like us, cars need water to keep them cool and running smoothly. Check your water coolant levels every couple of weeks. If temperatures are set to drop, make sure that you are topped up on anti-freeze, too.
  3. Windscreen wash – in wet and dry weather, your screen wash is essential to maintain visibility – it is a legal requirement, too.
  4. Tyres – another fortnightly job that could save you from breaking down. Check tyre pressure and condition, particularly in very hot or very cold temperatures, and before a long journey.
  5. Tools – there is no point having a spare tyre if you don’t have a jack! Keep basic tools, such as jack, wheel removing tools and a bottle of water in the car in case of emergencies.
  6. Windscreen wipers – even in dry weather, check the wipers and replace them every year or as soon as you notice that they have started to perish.
  7. Lights – check all of your lights every fortnight to ensure that they are in good working order. Replace cracked or blown lights as soon as possible – failure to do so is an offence.
  8. Windscreen – check your windscreen for cracks and chips. Where possible, get them fixed as soon as possible; it is often possible for small chips to be repaired. However, depending on the size or location of a crack or chip, you could be committing an offence – if you are in doubt, call your local garage or windscreen specialist, who will be able to help you.

Half an hour every couple of weeks could save you hours spent at the side of a road waiting for roadside assistance. What’s more, it could help to prevent costly damage to your vehicle.

If you are ever in doubt about whether your vehicle is roadworthy, get in touch with a local garage – the friendly, helpful and trusted mechanics on Trust A Trader will be happy to help you.

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