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Summer Car Care: Part 1

6th July 2018

Summer Car Care: Part 1

Every season has its own set of challenges for vehicle owners. While most people pay attention to winter care, summer care is often overlooked. This is down to two factors: summer conditions aren’t necessarily as dangerous as winter ones (snow, flooding, low light); and the prospect of being stranded on a warm summer’s day isn’t nearly as terrifying as the thought of breaking down in freezing, stormy weather. Breaking down in the summer may not be as frightening as winter breakdowns, but it is still inconvenient and potentially dangerous, not to mention costly.

Follow our top tips to keep your car running smoothly, and its passengers safe.

Keep It Cool

You may not like being too hot, and your vehicle doesn’t either. While you are driving on with the air con blasting, your car is working even harder, but sitting in traffic on a hot day really takes its toll; not only is the engine running, but there is no cool breeze flowing over the engine. Your coolant system is designed to deal with this, but it has to be in good working order to prevent your engine from overheating. Keep an eye on your coolant levels and top up as necessary. Every couple of years, you should flush your radiator and add fresh coolant; ask your local garage if you need advice.

Be vigilant for cracks and damage – if you find a puddle of coolant under your car, you have a leak – get it checked out before it causes serious damage.

Windscreen Wipers

Don’t let a few sunny days fool you into thinking your windscreen wipers are less important in the summer. In the summertime, you are more likely to need your wipers as the warmer months are notorious for sudden downpours, not to mention dusty dusty windscreens on the drier days. Winter conditions are tough on windscreen wipers and can leave them cracked and worn. Make sure you replace your wiper blades so that you can keep your windscreen clear and your visibility high.

Stay Hydrated

Although it’s important that you get enough fluids, we’re not talking about you; we’re talking about your vehicle. Summer can take its toll, so make sure that all fluids are at the right level. Keep your windscreen wiper fluid topped up; you will need it more than ever in the summer to tackle bird droppings, dust and other debris. Regular checks of oil, brake and power-steering fluid will help to keep your vehicle running smoothly – so make sure you keep an eye on fluid levels all year round.

Are your coolant systems, windscreen wipers and fluids all checked? If so, you are ready for part two of our top summer maintenance tips.

Your safety and the safety of your passengers and the public come before anything else, so if you are in doubt, drop into a local garage, where you will be given friendly, professional assistance.

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