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Advertising on national TV and radio

We are proud to say that TrustATrader.com is advertising on national TV and over 60 radio stations nationwide. Take a look below to see what we are doing to promote the businesses of our trusted trader members.

Proud sponsors of ITV!

TrustATrader.com is now sponsoring ITV2 daytime and early evening programmes on ITV4, plus regular spots on ITV4 daytime, ITV1 regional sports, and 30-second ads during horse racing events - a major commitment which will help keep TrustATrader and its members at the forefront of public awareness.

A series of new TrustATrader.com adverts have been filmed which will feature on ITV channels every day, ensuring a great chance of viewers catching them.

TrustATrader.com through the airwaves...

TrustATrader.com can be heard being advertised on over 60 radio stations nationwide including Heart FM, LBC, Smooth Radio, the Free Radio Network, Gem 106, Radio X, Forth, Clyde, and more...

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At TrustATrader.com we're always striving to bring our members the best possible service and publicity. The sponsorship of ITV channels takes this to another level and continues to bring a whole new audience to the website, app, and - if you join TrustATrader - your business.