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5 Ways To Save Money On Your MOT

Your MOT (Ministry of Transport) test is a legal requirement; failing to get your MOT test when you need it will leave you uninsured and driving illegally. Many of us dread the MOT month, living in fear of unexpected, costly repairs.

Your MOT covers a specific set of checks that help to keep your vehicle safe on the road. Something as simple as a blown lightbulb or perished windscreen wiper could cost you a considerable amount to fix. Here’s how you can save money by making a few simple steps before you take your vehicle to your local garage.


You need to be able to see and be seen in a range of conditions, so without working lights, you will fail your MOT test; in fact, around 30% of MOT test failures are the result of faulty lights or signals. Of course, your mechanic will happily replace the bulb, but you can save money by checking your lights and signal lights before you go for the test. Check that your front, rear, brake, indicator, fog and registration plate lights and rear reflectors are working, visible and the right colour.

Windscreen wipers

One of the elements of your MOT test is full visibility through your windscreen. Something as simple as a perished windscreen wiper could cause test failure; check your wipers for damage, particularly if you know that they’re not great at clearing your screen.

Windscreen washers

Your windscreen wipers aren’t just for clearing rain; with the help of the washers, they get rid of dust, bird mess and other debris. Empty or broken windscreen washers will make sure you fail your MOT – so check them beforehand.


In order to pass your MOT test, you need to have an exterior mirror or device that provides a view of the offside of your vehicle, and one that gives a view of the nearside. You also need an interior mirror that allows you to see to the back of the vehicle. If your wing mirrors or rear-view mirror are damaged or absent, you can save money by finding spare parts online.

Take it easy

By driving with care, you save money on more than just your MOT test. Reduce your speed, brake less and avoid rapid acceleration to reduce your fuel bill, and limit wear and tear on your vehicle, particularly your tyres and brakes.

Is your MOT test due? Don’t put it off; get in touch with a reliable, rated local MOT testing centre to make sure that you get it done on time.

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