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A Very Merry Christmas – Enjoy and be Safe!

A Very Merry Christmas – Enjoy and be Safe!

As temperatures drop, lists are checked and double checked, and cupboards start to fill with Christmas goodies, it is that time of year where we would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas, and remind you to stay safe and drive carefully!

Christmas is the time when people traditionally hit the roads to visit family and friends or escape from the festive craziness all together. Whether you are driving home this Christmas or driving in the opposite direction, follow these tips to make sure that your holiday period goes without a hitch.

Plan in advance

We have said it before and we most certainly will say it again. If you are planning on travelling a reasonable distance, make sure that you plan well ahead. Make allowances for the fact that there will almost definitely be more people on the road. Check and double check your route, and have a look at an alternative, too, in the event that you will need one because of an accident, unexpected road closure, or bad weather.

Pick your timings carefully

If Christmas is on a weekend, as it is this year, you can pretty much guarantee that people will be heading off straight from work on the Friday. Where possible, try to avoid the traffic. Consider taking some time off and leaving earlier, or coming home a bit sooner. Night time or early morning travel can help you to avoid the traffic altogether, but make sure that you are not tempted to have a drink (or three) the night before if you are planning on waking up and driving super early.

Be prepared for anything

Being stuck in a car or on the road is miserable. But being stuck in a car or on the side of the road in the cold and dark at Christmas really takes the (Christmas) biscuit. Be prepared and make sure that your car is packed with a torch, layers, water and a candle (and lighter). Double check that your vehicle is ready for a long journey; check your bulbs, antifreeze and tyre pressure before you head off – pop to a local garage if in doubt.

Check the weather and plan accordingly

If the weather forecast is looking bleak, denial is not an option. Keep an eye on the weather and plan your timing to avoid storms or snow. If heavy rain is forecast, or temperatures are low and the roads are likely to be icy, leave extra time so that you can drive slowly to avoid standing water and black ice.

Everyone wants to get where they need to be, particularly at such a busy time of year. However, remember that there are very few things worth taking risks for. If you think you might be over the limit, if you are not feeling fit to drive for any other reason, or if the roads are dangerous, take a rain (or snow) check and plan to make up for lost time when you can.

Finally, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all at TrustAGarage!

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