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Bug Busters! Keeping Your Car Virus Free Part Two – The Big Clean

Good hygiene is important all year round, but it can especially pay off during cold and ‘flu season, and is even more important when you are living in the midst of a global pandemic. Last week we published a cleaning checklist and guided you through how to prepare to deep clean your vehicle. This week, we get down to the detail. Assuming that you have your gloves, apron and disinfectant at the ready, here’s what you need to do:

The exterior

Before you tackle the inside, disinfect the external door handles, making sure you reach underneath to get every area that you might touch when opening and closing the car including the boot).

The driver’s side

Undoubtedly the most touched area of the car! Give your steering wheel, controls, gear stick and handbrake a thorough clean, ensuring that you get every millimetre of the surface, including the back of the steering wheel and under the handbrake, where your fingertips are most likely to reach. Clean every button and control stalk, from the horn to the hazard lights and everything in between.

Don’t forget your keys! These go from car to home, pocket or bag and can easily transmit viruses.

The central console

While only the driver(s) are likely to have touched the steering wheel etc, the central console tends to be fair game for all passengers. Give these a thorough wipe, including the radio and any knobs, as well as the heating and air con controls. Don’t forget the vents! They will literally blow viruses back out at you and your passengers, so play it safe and give them a good wipe down.

Passenger seats

If you have leather upholstery, it is easy to give everything a good clean down. If you don’t, you can get antibacterial upholstery sprays that will help to keep your seats clean. Pay special attention to the seat belts – these are touched by every passenger at least twice on any journey. Wipe the clip, and the belt itself – don’t just wipe the area of belt that is exposed - gently pull the whole thing out and give it a good clean. Once you have tackled the seatbelts, focus on the headrests and any tables and drink holders that passengers might use.

Interior doors

One of the most touched areas, make sure that you give your doors special attention! Get in between each area and make sure you pay attention to all parts of the handle, lock mechanisms and window controls or handles. Give grab handles and door pockets a once-over too.

More complex cars will have additional areas to cover, such as charging points, child mirrors, sunglass holders and additional storage. If you are worried that you might have missed something, take a minute to think about what a passenger or driver might potentially come into contact with and if in doubt – clean it! If you are unsure about the quality of your clean, check out our directory of local, reviewed car valeting services who will deliver a great service for complete peace of mind.

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