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Car Buying During Coronavirus: What You Need to Know

The motoring industry is one of many that have been hard hit by the global pandemic. Every stage of the industry – from manufacturing through to sales – has been transformed. From June 1st, showrooms were able to reopen, and with the further relaxing of restrictions in the coming weeks, it is hoped that all industries – including the motoring one – will see a leap in activity.

In this series, we take a look at the measures that you can expect from your local car dealership to help keep you safe.

No more dropping in

If the unusually warm weather has given you the sudden urge to splurge on a soft-top, call before you drop in! Some dealerships are using an appointment-only system to help limit footfall and promote social distancing. A quick call before you leave will enlighten you on your local car sales policy and avoid disappointment on arrival.

Look for the safety certificate

If your car dealership (or any business) is displaying a Government Covid-19 certificate it shows that they are doing their best to follow guidelines to keep their staff and the public safe. If you can’t see a certificate, feel free to ask if they have one displayed – if they don’t, you may decide to shop elsewhere.

Remember to social distance

It’s important that you still remember to maintain social distancing, even as restrictions ease. Car dealerships should implement set measures including implementing a one way system and locking car doors in the showroom to prevent people from handling them. Staff may be wearing masks, and screens will be added in the customer service areas.

Test drives

It is still possible to test drive a vehicle, but dealerships will be more selective about who can take a car for a spin for two reasons: 1) because the car will need to be cleaned (or left unused) after each test drive and 2) because the salesperson will not be allowed in the vehicle with you. With that in mind, appropriate insurance will need to be in place – check before you drive.

As the country slowly regains momentum after a sleepy few months, things will inevitably feel a little strange and strained. Don’t let the restrictions stop you from doing what you want to do, whether that is buying a new car or enjoying a nice meal – you just need to do it a bit differently. Before you go to your local dealer, research vehicles online so that you have a good idea of what you are looking for (or at least, what you are NOT looking for). Things to get straight before you go include:

  • Budget
  • Use – family car, run around, work, etc.
  • Type - diesel, petrol, electric
  • Size

The more idea you have of what you are looking for, the less time you’ll need to spend in the showroom or talking to your salesperson.

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