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Christmas Savers: Top Tips For Saving Cash As You Drive

It’s that time of year where everything seems to cost more; home heating bills go up, fuel prices creep up yet again, and the shopping trolley is filled with festive treats that promise to bump up the bill at checkout. If you want to save a little cash, check out our top money saving tips:

Haggle for your insurance

Yes, it’s a hassle, but before you simply renew your insurance cover, it really does pay to research and haggle. Your vehicle insurance is one of the biggest expenses, costing an average £462 per year for fully comp. So, before you just allow your insurance to auto renew, give your insurer a call, tell them what deals you have found, and try to reduce your premium. If you saved just £5 a month, you would save enough for your Christmas turkey next year. Other tips for saving on your insurance are not overestimating your annual mileage, or considering installing a black box.

Add family members

If more than one member of your family drives your car, it may save you money to name them on your insurance. This doesn’t, sadly, apply to young or inexperienced drivers, but adding a partner as a named driver could save you a little bit of money.

Claim for that pothole

Potholes are hideous – and can cause costly damage. It is estimated that 10% of mechanical failures are caused by potholes, which cause an estimated £730 million of damage every year. You read right. £730 million. If your vehicle is damaged by a pothole, you may be able to claim for the damages. This will depend on a few factors, including whether or not the pothole has already been reported to the local authority (i.e. if they knew about it and could have done something about it before you hit the hole). But it’s worth a try; getting pothole damage covered will pay for the tree, the turkey, and all the trimmings!

Park clever

Parking, particularly in big towns and cities, can rack up your driving costs. If you are going somewhere new, use an app to find the cheapest parking in the area. With some private car parks, you can book your parking space in advance. This can save you a lot of money on parking, not to mention the stress of having to find a space in an unfamiliar city. When you come to park, try to park away from other vehicles if possible – dings and scratches from people getting into the car next door are irritating and expensive.

Check before you MOT

Your MOT test is there to ensure that your vehicle is safe for road use. Blown bulbs, faulty windscreen wipers and cracked mirrors can cause you to fail and can be costly for you to get fixed by your local mechanic. Before you take your car in for its MOT, check fluid levels and bulbs – anything that you are comfortable doing – to save you from having to pay someone else to do it for you.

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