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Cost of Living Crisis: Saving Money on the Road Part One

Cost of Living Crisis: Saving Money on the Road Part One

As inflation and interest rates continue to rise, many of us find ourselves needing to work more, but with the cost of getting to and from work rising quicker than our incomes, it can be difficult to budget. In this series we will look at some of the most effective ways that you can save money while driving; from pennies to pounds, every saving helps.

Choose your tyres carefully

Most of us know that appliances have energy efficiency ratings, but did you know that your tyres do, too? Just like your fridge, a tyre with an A rating is the most energy efficient and a tyre rated G is the least. It’s estimated that an A rated set of tyres could get you an extra 2.5 mpg compared to G, helping you to reduce emissions and save money. If you are unsure if you need new tyres, or are not sure how to choose energy efficient ones, speak to your local tyre specialist.

Check your tyres

Don’t just think about tyres when you need new ones; check them monthly or before a long trip. If the pressure is too high, you will lose traction to the road, but if it is too low, your vehicle will be sluggish, heavy, and thirsty.

Ease up on the gas

It is easy to go into autopilot and put your foot down, especially if you are travelling a well-known, faster route. But by easing off the accelerator, particularly when you are getting started on colder days, you can save a significant amount of fuel.

Look at leasing instead of buying

Have you ever wondered why everyone around you seems to be driving a brand new car? It is probably because so many people these days lease their cars rather than buying them outright. There are several advantages to leasing, if you can afford the monthly payments. These include having a new car without risk of depreciation, as you can swap it out as soon as your contract ends; and having more choice for higher spec vehicles – hybrid and electric vehicles have a similar lease price to petrol and diesel, whereas the retail would normally be considerably higher.

Shop around

It is amazing how much the price of tyres can vary from one place to the next. Keep an eye on prices when you are out and about and make a mental note of any places that cost less – even a few pence per litre can make a big difference. If you have a supermarket loyalty card, use it to get points or even discounts on your fuel. The myth that supermarket fuel is substandard is just that, so keep an eye out for bargains and fill up when prices are low.

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