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Dash Cams – The Benefits

Last week we took a look at the basic information about dash cams, including types of dash cam and the cost of installing one. This week, we look at why it may be a good idea to invest in a dash cam and the benefits to yourself and others.

So, what are the benefits of using a dash cam?

More and more people are investing in dash cams and most of us have seen footage of some sort on the news and in social media. Dash cams are useful for getting an insight into how you and others drive, and can help to protect you against dangerous drivers and insurance disputes. They also help to track you via GPS in the event that you break down.

Protect against crash for cash fraud, thieves, and road rage

In the era of crash for cash fraud, where people orchestrate a crash in order to make a claim against you, dash cams can offer valuable information which could help to protect you. In addition, the presence of a dash cam can deter crash for cash fraudsters and thieves, just as CCTV helps to protect your home. Likewise, if you or a nearby road user are involved in a road rage incident, the footage can help the police to ascertain what happened.

Could using a dash cam lower my insurance premium?

Many accidents are unclear; different parties could be equally responsible, or it could just be a case of bad luck. Sometimes, it is a case of one person’s word against another’s and, often, the one that shouts the loudest will be believed. In these instances, the footage could help to apportion liability. While we all know we shouldn’t admit guilt, when we are in a crash the instinct is to apologise and assume responsibility straight away, especially if the other person is unscrupulous enough to apportion the blame immediately. If your dash cam footage can prove that an incident wasn’t your fault, you could avoid paying an excess or even have it refunded if you have already paid. What’s more, your no claims discount could be protected.

Because dash cams can act as a source of valuable information, some insurance companies offer reduced premiums if a dash cam, black box, or both are installed. Often there are conditions surrounding the price reduction, which can be determined by data from the technology, which informs the insurer about your driving style.

The presence of a dash cam could make you more aware of your driving style, which could help you to improve. If you notice that your driving is a little erratic or that you have picked up some bad habits, it could be worth contacting your local driving instructor for a refresher or advanced course.

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