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Focus On: Mobile Mechanics

Focus On: Mobile Mechanics

Our vehicles are something that we often take for granted, so when they break down, it can cause considerable disruption. Depending on how mobile your vehicle is when it breaks down, and where it happens, your best option may be to get a mobile mechanic out to help.

What is a mobile mechanic?

Unlike roadside recovery, which will collect your vehicle and eventually tow it to a garage, mobile mechanics have most of the kit that they need to do basic repairs with them so they, in effect, are able to bring the garage to you.

Can a mobile mechanic do everything a garage can do?

Whilst a mobile mechanic can’t quite do everything that a garage can do, they can do most repairs provided that they have a secure space to do it in (your workplace or at home), and have access to keys. A mobile mechanic’s van is fully kitted out with everything they need to do most things that a standard garage could do, including tyre changes, brake pad inspection and replacement, battery replacement, oil and air filter checks, and coolant checks.

Is a mobile mechanic more expensive than a standard garage?

The cost of a mobile mechanic depends on your location, and theirs. Whilst mobile mechanics tend to have lower overheads, because they don’t have to spend out on a workshop, they do have to travel to get to you, and their lack of workshop means that they tend to hold more limited stock than garages. As always, if a mobile mechanic seems too cheap to be true, then they could well be cutting corners. And when it comes to vehicle safety, that is not a mistake that you can afford to make.

What are the advantages of using a mobile mechanic?

One of the significant benefits is that, rather than dropping your car off and having the inconvenience of being carless and having to collect it, your car can be repaired while you work. This not only means that you have greater flexibility as to when you can have your car repaired, but if your vehicle is immobile, you could well save on towing fees as a mobile mechanic may be able to repair it in situ.

When is it better to visit the garage?

When it comes to convenience and a great, personalised service, mobile mechanics are definitely a great option. However, sometimes it may be wiser to take your car to a traditional garage, where they will have a wider range of tools and parts, and machinery to enable easier access to the vehicle. If you are in doubt, speak to a local mechanic and let them know roughly what the problem is; they will be able to advise whether they can help.

If you need work done to your vehicle and think that a mobile mechanic may be a good option for you, take a look at our directory of trusted local mobile mechanics to help you find one that is reliable in terms of price, quality and timekeeping. For more advice to keep vehicles running smoothly and the roads safe, follow Trust A Garage on Facebook or Twitter.

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