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Focus On Roof Bars Part Two: Fitting and Removing

Focus On Roof Bars Part Two: Fitting and Removing

When it comes to fitting roof bars on your vehicle, it is important that you not only choose the right roof bars, but you fit them properly, too. If you don’t fit your roof bars properly, there is a risk that they could cause damage to your car. Make sure that you follow the instructions properly, and if you are in doubt, pop to your local garage and ask for help.

Buying roof bars

In order to offer versatility, roof bars come in modular packages. When you buy a roof bar, you will need to buy the bars themselves, a set of feet, which will attach the bars to the vehicle, and a fitting kit. If your vehicle has factory fitted roof rails, you may not need the fitting kit.

Removing roof bars

Once your roof bars have been installed, it is probably a good idea to leave them on the vehicle, especially if you are likely to use them a lot. As we mentioned in part one of this series, the impact on mpg is negligible when compared to the hassle of removing them all the time. However, if you are only planning on using your roof bars intermittently, for example once a year for holidays, it may be beneficial to remove them between uses. Although roof bars are designed to withstand the elements and are made from durable materials, removing them between uses will prolong their lifespan, so you may choose to store them securely in a dry place. If you are using a roof box, it is highly recommended that you remove it between uses as roof boxes are more likely to suffer from wear and tear, and they will also increase the drag on your vehicle, with a much more significant impact on your fuel consumption than roof bars alone.

If you do remove your roof bars, remember to replace the small panels on the roof of your vehicles to prevent water from pooling, which can encourage rust.

Investing wisely

As with all vehicle accessories, with roof bars you often get what you pay for. While you may not want to (or be able to afford to) buy the most expensive roof bars on the market, if you plan to leave the bars on all the time, it is worth investing in aluminium bars, which are lighter and more durable.

If you are not sure which bars to get, speak to your local garage; they are unlikely to be able to supply the bars, but should have a good knowledge of what will suit your vehicle, and they may be able to help with fitting. For more tips for happy travels, follow Trust A Garage on Facebook or Twitter.


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