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How To: Give Your Car A Pro Wash – The Quick Clean

For drivers who love their car, there is nothing like a good wash. After a long, wet winter, your car is likely to have picked up a build up of water, dirt, salt and grit, which could erode your paintwork. Auto car washes are quick and convenient, but they will not do a perfect job; in some cases, they can even do more damage than good.

Of course, you could take your car to a professional valet service. But if you would prefer to give your car some tlc yourself, follow our tips to make sure that you do a great job that will help to protect your vehicle as well as making it sparkle. First, we look at the basics: giving your car a quick clean.

You Will Need

  • A garden hose with gun attachment or, if possible, a pressure washer.
  • A clean microfibre cloth (these can be bought from most supermarkets) for drying.
  • A wash mitt.
  • Two buckets.
  • Car shampoo.
  • Clean water.

Getting Started

If possible, wash your car on a dry day and put your car in a shady spot to prevent the shampoo from streaking when it dries. Using your hose, start at the top of the car and rinse all loose dirt, bird droppings and grime from the car. Make sure you give attention to the wheel arches and alloys. Once you have removed all loose dirt, you’re ready to wash!

The Wash

Fill one of your buckets with fresh, clean water – put your car shampoo in the other bucket. Coat your wash mitt in shampoo. Starting from the top, use a gentle sideways sweeping motion to rub away the remaining dirt. As you go, rinse the mitt in the clean water, before soaking it in shampoo and continuing. This will stop you from spreading dirt and will prevent picked up dirt from scratching your paintwork.

Finishing Up

Once you have worked the entire body of the car, removing even the most stubborn stains, you are ready to rinse and dry the vehicle. Use your hose or pressure washer to rinse all of the shampoo off the car – starting from the top, of course. Once all of the shampoo has been rinsed off, grab your microfibre cloth and dry the car in a sideways motion.

This quick wash should take less than an hour and will leave your vehicle grime-free. If you have more time, or your car needs a little more care and attention, follow us on Facebook or Twitter for our next blog: Waxing and Polishing. If you don’t have time to spring clean your car yourself, take a look at our directory to see if we have a reliable valeting service near you.

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