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#noVANber – Don’t Get Caught Out – Protect Your Van

When Trust A Garage heard about #noVANber it was, of course, something that we wanted to get behind. Van theft can be crippling to sole traders and smaller businesses, particularly if they are underinsured.

While the campaign continues to reform legislation on punishment for van thieves, we are joining the crusade to spread the word, helping honest traders to protect their livelihood.

1 – All Locked Up

Make sure that your van is always locked when unattended. This means locking it when you pay for fuel at the garage; when you get a car park ticket; when you are leaving your van for a moment or two. Wind windows up and lock all doors: an opportunistic thief needs just a second to relieve you of your hard-earned assets. To make life easier, you could consider slam locks, which automatically lock your door when you slam it shut.

2 – Safe Storage

Your insurance may only be valid if your tools are removed from your van overnight; check your policy to make sure that you are properly covered. If you park your van on a road, carefully consider where you park. Try to choose a spot that is well lit and preferably in a CCTV area. Back your van as close to a wall as possible, so that thieves can’t open the rear doors. The safest option is to empty your van but if that is not practical or possible, make sure that items are secured within the van; lockable tool boxes and padlocked storage can protect your property. A sticker declaring that the van is emptied overnight can be a useful deterrent, but shouldn’t be relied upon.

3 - Invest in Security

If you have any spare budget, invest it in your van’s security. When buying a van, look for immobilisers and alarms, or get them retrofitted if possible. If this can’t be done, steering wheel and handbrake locks are relatively cheap and effective. Other security measures include reinforced deadlocks, which operate independently of the main locks, and lock protection plates, which protect your locks from being prised out or drilled. These may seem like a waste of money but they are an investment; after all, without your tools, you will be unable to trade.

4 - Get Covered

Adequate insurance can help to protect your tools, your van and any loss of income should you become the victim of a crime. Skimping on insurance can be a false economy, so make sure that you are properly covered.

Statistics show that 54% of traders have experienced loss of income as the result of van or tool theft. Don’t be a statistic. Protect your van and help Trust A Garage to support #noVANber.

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