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On the Road: Top Tips For Choosing the Right Driving Instructor

Whether you are an adult learner, the parent of a newly-minted 17 year old, or you are about to turn 17 and are planning how to get on the road as quickly as possible, finding the right driving instructor is key. Check out these top tips to make sure that the driving instructor you choose is the right one for the job.

Ask around

Word of mouth is the best way to ensure that you are choosing someone that is professional, great value and reliable. So, ask friends and friends of friends for their opinions. Social media is great for this – ask for a recommendation or you could even ask people what their experience was of a specific driving instructor to give you an idea of their teaching style and reliability.


The next best thing to your best mate telling you who they would recommend is finding out what independent reviews say. Check out our directory of rated and reviewed driving instructors to find one near you.

Look at the stats

Obviously you can’t predict how successful you’ll be, but an instructor's pass rates can give you an idea of their success at teaching learner drivers.

Ask for a budget

There is no “average” cost for learning to drive because nobody is “average”. It may take you longer than you expect to be ready to take your test, or you may need fewer lessons than people you know. This will depend on how much you practice as much as anything. According to the DVLA, on average, a learner has 45 hours of lessons plus another 22 hours practice before they pass their test. Ask instructors their cost per lesson, and if you can get lessons for cheaper if you pre-book blocks of lessons.

The personality test

Before committing to buying a bulk load of lessons, find out if your driving instructor offers a sample lesson so that you can see how you work together. Sometimes, an instructor can be great for others but not for you – it’s a personality thing. If your personalities clash in the first lesson, your chances of learning from them are slim.

Check their credentials

Price, pass rates and personality are all good checks, but it is worth checking their professional details too. Find out when they qualified and how long they have been teaching. It is also a good idea to check to see if your driving instructor has good knowledge of all the local driving test routes – the more you practice on the official test routes, the more comfortable you will feel on your test day.

Once you have found a driving instructor that feels right, you’ll find yourself on the road! However, if you are not satisfied, you don’t have to stick with an instructor that doesn’t feel right for you; speak to your instructor and consider finding a new one.

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