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Spring Car Care

Spring Car Care

If you have spent the last few months dashing from your car to the shops or work, and back home again, now that the sun is shining it is a good idea to give your trusty wagon a little bit of TLC. Here are some simple car maintenance jobs that you can do to keep your car in tip-top condition.

Spring clean

Kick off with a good spring clean. On the outside, give your car a good wash to get rid of the winter’s grit and mud. Inside, dust off your carpets and wipe up muddy paws and footprints. It may be a little too early to get rid of the de-icer, but you can clear up the winter debris that has accumulated over the past few months.


Regardless of when your last service was, while you have the chance, it is a good idea to check your fluid levels including oil and windscreen washer.

Wiper blades

Your windscreen wipers have probably worked hard over the last few months and warmer weather and exposure to sunshine can cause further wear and tear. Check your wiper blades for cracks or damage; if they are starting to perish, it is a good idea to replace them sooner rather than later.


In spring the temperature can change by the day; one day it feels positively summery and the next you are plunged back into frosty nights. This takes its toll on your tyre pressure. In colder weather, tyre pressure naturally drops and when it is warmer, the tyre pressure rises again. Fluctuating temperatures can make your tyre dangerously low or dangerously high. Check your manufacturers’ recommended pressure and try to make sure your pressure is in the safe zone as much as possible, especially before a longer drive.

Air filters

With spring comes hay fever and air con season. It is a good idea to get your air conditioning and filters checked sooner rather than later so that they are in good working order when you need them. As a general guide, it is usually recommended that filters are changed every 30,000 miles or so. If you or a family member suffer from allergies then book an appointment with your garage as soon as possible so you are ready to go, allergy free, when the summer starts.


Great Britain is notoriously bad at handling extreme weathers and one side effect of this is deep potholes popping up in the roads. It is not always possible to avoid uneven roads and potholes; it is, however, possible that damage could have been caused without you knowing it. To be on the safe side, ask your local mechanic to check your alignment and suspension; it could save you expensive damage later down the line.

As always, if in doubt – check it out. If you feel that your car isn’t running as smoothly as normal, don’t wait for the next service, get it checked out by a local garage as soon as you can.

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