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Top Christmas Gifts For Car Lovers

Top Christmas Gifts For Car Lovers

Are you stumped for a perfect Christmas gift for someone who loves their car more than their family members? If so, look no further: here’s our list of perfect gifts for car lovers.

Car care kit

This may seem a little uninspired, but just as someone who loves a bath can’t get enough bath salts and bubbles, someone who loves their car can never have too many cleaning products or chamois. Don’t just get them the standard kit from the garage (although if you’re in a rush, that’ll do fine). Try to be a bit different – look for personalised items or luxury products sourced locally (preferably) or online (if you must).

Driving experience

If they are crazy about fast cars but drive a 1 litre run-around, consider buying them a day experience where they can get behind the wheel of their dream car for an hour or so. This is a great gift for someone who has everything - after all, most gifts get old, lost or broken, but these are memories that can be cherished forever. There are lots of different options available, from racetracks to off-roading, to simply cruising behind the wheel of a luxury vehicle. A petrolhead’s dream!

Valet vouchers

Know someone who is more particular about the cleanliness of their car than their house? Valeting vouchers could be the perfect gift for them! Pop down to your local car valeting service and see if they will print up or email a voucher – to be redeemed when the recipient’s car needs a little tlc but they just don’t have the time to do it themselves (this is a great gift “from the dog”).


From alloys to air fresheners, there are limitless choices when it comes to accessories. It all depends on your budget and your car lover’s habits. From pink fluffy dice to seat protectors, personalised decals to personalised number plates, there really is a car accessory for everyone!

Garage vouchers

Know somebody whose car maintenance needs exceed their budget? Why not give them vouchers for their local garage? Even if it’s just £10, if they ask all family and friends to give them vouchers, it could mean the difference between being on the road or taking the bus in the New Year.

This year has been a tough one for everyone. Don’t get yourself into financial trouble this Christmas by overstretching – keep it simple, keep it local and remember the joy of Christmas comes from the people – not the presents.

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