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Top Tips To: Avoid Clutch Wear

When it comes to driving, we all have our good habits, and most of us have a few not-so-good habits, too. By changing a few of your worst driving habits, you could save wear and tear on your car, which will improve your road safety and save you money, too.

A clutch works under friction, which means that it is susceptible to wear. However, in some cases the clutch needs to be replaced after just 15,000; for others, the clutch can last up to 100,000. The way you drive could influence how soon you have to have your clutch replaced: here are Trust A Garage’s top three tips for reducing wear and tear on your clutch.

Keep it Neutral

When you are stationery either in standstill traffic or waiting for traffic lights to change, do you stay in gear? Our mechanics report that most of their customers sit waiting in first gear, with one foot on the clutch and one touching the brake, or with one foot touching the accelerator and one on the clutch, at biting point. You can save wear and tear, as well as fuel, by putting the car in natural and putting the handbrake on while waiting in traffic.

No Riding!

Plenty of us have heard of “riding the clutch” but are unsure as to what it really means. Simply put, it means that you drive along with the clutch down; either a little way, or all the way. This is unnecessary and will make your clutch wear out much more quickly. You only need to use the clutch when you are slowing down or changing gears; the rest of the time, make sure that your foot is well off the clutch pedal.

Keep it Smooth

If you are changing gear, make it smooth; don’t drag it out. Your foot should only be on the clutch for a few seconds – any more, and you are causing unnecessary wear on the clutch. The trick is to be decisive; don’t put the clutch down while you think about it, as a safe driver drives assertively (but not aggressively), cautiously (but not hesitantly).

If you want to know how tough your driving is on your clutch, ask your local mechanic next time you take your car in for its service and MOT. If you are worried that you are riding the clutch, or that you have slipped into other bad driving habits, it might be time to consider an advanced driving course or a few refresher lessons. Get in touch with a trusted local driving instructor for more information.

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