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Top Tips to Make Your Car Feel Like New

Top Tips to Make Your Car Feel Like New

Driving a car that looks great may not make it go any better, but it will certainly make you feel better. If your car is looking a little bit sad and tired, there are a few quick things that you can do to give it back its sparkle.

Clean it!

The first - and most obvious - step is to give your car a really good clean, inside and out. This means a proper wash, including tyres, wheels and windows as well a big declutter and clean inside. Once you have thrown away all of the rubbish, pull out anything else remaining; shoes, sports kit, shopping bags and either put them away or keep them to return to your car once you are finished. Remove any mats and given them a good brush and a clean before starting on the interior with a vacuum cleaner. The key is in the detail; clean trimmings and sparkling cup holders will add to that sleek feel. A good clean can be time consuming; if you don’t have time to do it yourself, drop into a local car valeting service.

Air freshener

New car smell doesn’t have to be just for new cars. A good air freshener is a great way to add a bit of fresh air to the interior. And with your festering sports kit out of the boot, it is likely to stay fresh for longer, too.

Invest in storage solutions

From a plain old peg bag hung on the back of your seat to custom storage solutions, having somewhere specific for in-car must-haves will help you to keep your car tidy.

Install a bin

If you are sick of rubbish accumulating in your car, pop a bin or designated rubbish bag in it. Once everyone is in the habit of putting their rubbish in the bin, you will be able to appreciate your clutter-free car.

Invest in a phone mount

Your car might not have the latest high-tech, interactive screen, but a well-placed phone mount can allow you to enjoy the convenience of sat nav and in-car, hands-free calling, safely and conveniently.

Add personal touches

Fluffy dice may not be your thing but customised steering wheel covers, chair covers or decals can help to add your own identity to a vehicle. Be aware that you might want to sell your car one day, so make sure that your customisations can easily be reversed in case they are not up to new owners’ tastes.

Treat yourself to new wheels

You may not be able to afford a whole new car, but new alloy or steel wheels can change the profile and help you to get a different look. Even new wheel covers have the potential to improve a vehicle’s exterior.

Invest in a respray

If your bodywork has seen better days but the car is structurally sound, a respray could be just the trick. This is a specialist job and should be done by a bodywork professional.

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