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Vehicle Basics: Limiting Windscreen Glare

Vehicle Basics: Limiting Windscreen Glare

Last week we looked at an incredibly simple method to keep your windscreen dirt and smear-free. We all know that there are laws about visibility within the car, and that being able to see properly helps us to assess the road and drive safely. However, we often overlook the importance of caring for our windscreens, squinting through grime and taking risks with debris, mist or frost. However glare can pose a significant risk too, limiting visibility and providing a distraction when driving.

Although some glare is unavoidable, particularly when the sun is low or the glare is from another vehicle, it is possible to limit its impact by keeping your windscreen clean.

Reduce haze build up

If you or someone else smokes in the car, a film can build up on the inside of the windscreen. The sun reflects off this causing potentially dangerous glare. What not many people know is that it is common for a haze to develop on the inside of windscreens even when nobody smokes in the car. By regularly cleaning the inside of the windscreen, regardless of whether it looks obviously dirty or hazy, you can get rid of that haze and reduce glare.

Keep an eye on cracks, scratches and chips

Scratches, chips and cracks don’t only increase the risk of your windscreen breaking, the damaged glass is more likely to catch the light and cause a distracting glare. This is partly why it is important to use clean microfibre cloths when cleaning your windscreen; even mildly abrasive cloths can cause damage that is invisible until the sun catches it, obscuring your view. If you have obvious damage to your windscreen, depending on its size and location, your vehicle may not pass its MOT; speak to your garage or local windscreen repair service to see if the damage can be fixed or if the glass needs to be replaced.

Replace your wipers

Old, damaged wipers not only fail to fully clear your windscreen but if the blades come loose, they could actually cause damage. Check your wipers as recommended every time you clean your windscreen and aim to replace them every year or so. You can, of course, ask your local garage to do this for you, but it is a relatively quick and simple job to do yourself as long as you make a record of your vehicle make and model. Alternatively, you can take a wiper into a car parts store and they will match it for you.

Something as simple as keeping your windscreen clear may seem like a no-brainer but it is often the simple things that we overlook, and that could put our safety, our licences, or the safety of others at risk. Make sure your windscreen is clear and you have full visibility of the road at all times to keep yourself and your passengers safe, and to stay on the right side of the law.

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