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Why Should You Service Your Vehicle?

When the service and MOT roll around, most vehicle owners have a little groan – more money, time and hassle that you can easily avoid by skipping the service and just getting the basics done to pass the MOT test. It’s a no-brainer, right? Wrong. Skipping the full service may save you time and money now, but in the longer term it is undoubtedly a false economy. Here’s why.


Often, your car can be fine one minute and not the next. And no amount of experience can tell you when general wear and tear will take its toll – with potentially lethal consequences. By getting your vehicle serviced regularly, you will have complete peace of mind. Your mechanic will check out the major components, give everything a clean, change and top up, and let you know if anything will need repairing or replacing in the near future. An in-depth look at your vehicle could pre-empt dangerous damage and even save lives.

Fuel efficiency

Regular servicing will improve the performance of your vehicle, which will lead to savings on fuel. Replaced oil and air filters will boost engine performance and tyres in good condition inflated to the optimal PSI will help to promote the fuel efficiency, meaning you will go further on less fuel.

Saving you money

An oil change today could prevent costly engine damage tomorrow. Your engine oil lubricates the moving elements of your engine, making it run smoothly. Of course, this means that you use less fuel but it’s more important than that; good, clean oil will reduce friction between parts, making it less likely that you will need to repair or replace parts. The same goes for other general maintenance; you can prevent breakdowns or costly repairs by replacing worn or wearing parts before they reach critical point.

Vehicle maintenance

Regular servicing is about more than keeping you safe on the road; it can help your vehicle to last longer. The saying “look after your kit and it will look after you” is certainly true for a vehicle. Invest in your vehicle, and it will keep going for years to come. Leave niggles, breakages, wear and tear unattended and they could become serious (and expensive) problems.

Maintain your value

A full service history speaks volumes about your vehicle and its owners. It implies that the owner cared for the vehicle in every way, and makes it a more attractive prospect for potential buyers. After all, who would you rather buy a vehicle from: someone who has had it regularly serviced and valeted, or someone who doesn’t bother – who would rather stick with a quick fix than sort the problem for good? Take care of your vehicle and you will be rewarded by keeping a higher retail value, should you ever decide to sell.

If you have scrimped on services in the past, don’t panic! Get in touch with your local garage and book a full service; give your car the TLC that it deserves.

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