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Please let us know when your garage finished the work for you. Don't worry if you can't remember the exact date, just specify the approximate day of completion.

Was the garage polite and helpful from the first moment of contact? How easily did they understand your requirements, and how clearly did they explain their plans to complete the work?
If you waited at the garage while the work was being completed, were you looked after? Did the garage provide any extra services or advice for free, such as cleaning your vehicle or checking/topping up fluids? Were those you spoke to generally friendly and polite?
Were you happy with the time taken for the work to be completed by the garage? Was every aspect of the job given enough attention and finished as required? Did the the work live up to or even exceed your expectations?
If appropriate, were sufficient coverings laid down to protect your property? Was work done with care, to minimise dust and dirt? Was any mess cleared up properly afterwards?
Did you feel the completed work was good value for the agreed cost? Were any parts or products used by the garage of an appropriate value for the job?
Did the finished work meet your expectations, or exceed them? Were you disappointed in any way? Rate your level of satisfaction with the completed job as a whole, in comparison to your original plans as agreed with the garage.

Anything else to say? You can add relevant detail about how the garage performed on your job, in addition to the ratings above. Perhaps you want to give criticism or praise to a specific aspect of the work? Your comments above will be quoted on the website alongside your review.