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Top Work of the Month - Cole & Miller Automotives Ltd

Top Work of the Month - Cole & Miller Automotives Ltd

Not all heroes wear capes, or ride a white horse, and this Top Work of the Month hero’s steed of choice is a recovery vehicle. Arlesey-based garage, Cole & Miller Automotives Ltd offer reliable roadside recovery services as well as the standard services you can expect from your friendly local garage.

Like many local garages, Cole and Miller Automotive started small and steadily grew based on word of mouth and recommendations from happy customers. They are known locally as a reliable, honest and trustworthy garage that shows full transparency in everything they can do; they won’t ever do work without the customer’s consent.

The team at Cole and Miller Automotive Ltd work hard to provide customers with the balance between cost effectiveness and quality. In most cases, when it comes to cost, you tend to get what you pay for at the lower end of the price range; cheaper parts are poorly manufactured and not fit for purpose, meaning that they will inevitably have to be replaced far sooner than anticipated, leading to further parts and labour costs. The CMA team work hard to source high quality, reasonably-priced parts so that they can be sure that their work will last beyond the warranty period.

CMA is one of Trust A Garage’s longer standing members, having been listed within our directory for 14 years. Over that time they have gathered some great reviews from happy customers. Here’s what they had to say:

"These guys and girls are great, they do what they say they will do and get on with it. Good service, good quality and professional. Would recommend to anyone. Thanks to you all." John, April 2023.

"Since my daughter told me about Simon Miller, I have been with them ever since and would recommend to anyone. Trusting Garage." Bob, October 2022.

"Had a screw in the shoulder of my tyre on Sunday. Rang up on Monday morning after finding CMA on this site, and requested a replacement tyre and fitting. Agreed to a callback once they had the correct tyre in stock (specific to MB). One day later they had the tyre onsite, and I had an appointment for Wednesday morning. Tyre replaced in 30 minutes, and the car waiting was for me out front again. They'd even reset the sensors in the car's menu. Super communications, professional service, friendly front-office staff and engineers. The cost of the tyre + fitting was £50 cheaper than the alternatives. £150 all in for a MB tyre + fitting is a bargain. Thank you for your service. I hope to never need to replace a damaged nearly new tyre again, but if I do, you'll be the first company I'll call." Jelle, July 2021.

If you live in or around Arlesey, Herts, and you are looking for a vetted garage that you know you can trust, look at Cole & Miller Automotives Ltd’ Trust A Garage Profile.