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Merry Christmas From Trust A Garage

Merry Christmas From Trust A Garage

As one of the most memorable years in history draws to an end, the teams at Trust A Garage would like to wish all of our registered garages and customers a very Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy New Year.

This year has certainly been quite a rollercoaster, with garages taking a lot of the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. Closures, shortened working hours, changing rules regarding MOT tests and ever-changing regulations regarding working and social distancing haven’t fazed our intrepid mechanics as they have continued to adhere to regulations while keeping road users safe.

From servicing to emergency repairs, specialist services to MOTs, new tyres to valeting, your local garage has demonstrated that they are in fact local heroes. And they’re not the only ones. Anyone can leave a bad review or take good work for granted, but the real reviewing heroes are the ones who take the time to give a good review, boosting work for honest local garages and giving other locals valuable insights to help them to make the right choices.

In fact, research shows that someone who has had a bad experience is more than 90% more likely to leave a good review in contrast to a person who has had a good experience – unless it’s your mum, of course - only 10% of them are likely to take the time to review the service they had. So if you look at a garage on Trust A Garage that has 250 reviews, you can safely assume that they have, in fact, given more than 2,500 customers a 5-star service.

If you are a customer, be that one in ten

Our garages may have been the heroes of 2020 for keeping our cars safely on the road, but our customers can be the angels of local garages across the country. If you have a positive experience, please take the time to leave a review. That five minutes could make the world of a difference for a local mechanic who has struggled this year. Of course, in the unlikely event that you have had a bad experience, let us know! Our mediation service will ensure that your gripe is dealt with to your satisfaction and, if necessary, the garage in question will be removed from our directory.

Thank you to everyone who has continued to support each other through these pressing times. We wish our garages and customers a prosperous New Year filled with road trips and good memories.

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