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Merry Christmas From Trust A Garage (Plus, A Few Tips)

Merry Christmas From Trust A Garage (Plus, A Few Tips)

At this time of year we would like to take the opportunity to bring our best wishes to every customer, garage and trader that has used our website, recommended us to a friend or followed us on Facebook. Without you, our ever-growing network of reliable, trusted car dealerships, repairs, specialists and driving instructors would not be able to continue flourishing.

We hope that you enjoy every moment of the festive season. Here are a few nuggets of advice, from us to you, to ensure that your Christmas travels go without a hitch.

Refuel in Advance

As the days are getting shorter and you are driving home at the end of a long day, filling up on fuel is possibly the last thing that you want to do. We get it; it’s cold, you’re tired, and there is wrapping and a festive film waiting for you at home. But, don’t risk it, especially if you know that you have a long journey to make over the Christmas break. Refuel now to save the stress of finding somewhere that is open on Christmas day.

Be Prepared

If poor weather is forecast, take note and prepare accordingly: leave extra time for your travel and pack a flask of hot drink, blankets, torch and water just in case you do break down.

Know Your Limits

Alcohol doesn’t just stay in your system while you are drinking. It can take an hour to metabolise each unit of alcohol that you consumed, after you stopped drinking. So, if you have one unit at 6 p.m., you should be OK to drive by 7. If you had ten units and had your last drink at 2 a.m., the alcohol won’t leave your system until midday the next day. It’s simple: if in doubt, don’t drive.

Book a Cab

If you want to indulge in a glass or two of festive spirits, why not book a cab in advance? Get a quote, see if anyone is going your way and wants to share, and enjoy your Christmas drinks without any worries. It may cost you £20, but that’s a lot less than the risks and costs of being caught drink driving.

Be Merry

In a time of continuing austerity, things can get stressful. Try to remember the true meaning of Christmas; don’t overspend, overdrink or overeat, but do enjoy yourself. And remember, nobody has a perfect Christmas – so just be grateful for the good bits and let the not-so-good bits go!

So from Gary and the team, have a very merry Christmas – and don’t forget to follow Trust A Garage on Facebook or Twitter!